The law of tithing (part one)

If you were to read the entry on tithing in the Church book, True to the Faith, you’d notice something very peculiar. The actual scripture that the current law of tithing is based on is not in the entry. There is a reference to D&C 120: 1, which is the revelation creating the Council on the Disposition of Tithes and there is a reference to Malachi 3: 10, which talks about the blessings promised to the ancients who gave tithes and offerings to the poor (“Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house,”) and there is a reference to 1 Nephi 4: 1, which has nothing whatsoever to do with tithing, but merely talks about having faith in God’s commandments. Why, I wonder, isn’t the actual revelation on tithing mentioned in this book?

Another curious thing I’ve noticed is that whenever blessings of tithing are mentioned, either Malachi 3: 10 is quoted (which has nothing to do with the current law of tithing which we have, but was a blessing promised to the children of Israel for charitable donations to the poor,) or D&C 64: 23 is quoted (which is the oft quoted “fire insurance” verse, but that also is dealing with charitable donations and not the currently practiced law of tithing.) In fact, in virtually no talk given in sacrament meeting or in ward or stake or general conference, or even in classes, is the actual revelation on tithing either quoted, referenced or discussed. In those talks in which it is mentioned, it is only in the briefest of terms, giving nothing more than a snippet.

What is it about D&C 119 (the revelation on tithing) that has all the speakers tight-lipped? I hope to discuss this in part two.

In the meantime, has anyone else noticed the lack of section 119 being cited and discussed?

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  1. Hey ,

    I just looked in my True To The Faith book mention of D&C 119 ??? What could it be or maybe they just forgot themselves ?

    Are there any reasons for this do you know ?

    This church is a mystery to me ! lol

  2. So I just looked up tithing in two of my books.

    The 1st book I looked at was Gospel Principles Chapter 32. It does mention this scripture and it’s on the very first page (207) under the heading ‘Obeying the law of tithing’ and again on the last page(210). So twice in that book.

    The other book I looked through was my YW Manual. There is a chapter titled “Financial Responsibility” which talk about tithing. It does not mention that scripture, but at the beginning of the chapter it tells the teacher to “Assign young women to present any scriptures, stories, or quotations you wish” This leaves it to the teacher to study the lesson and find scriptures themselves. This lesson is comming up in a few weeks, i’ll let you kow if the scripture is mentioned by the teacher!

  3. In Gospel Principles Class, I we had this lesson two weeks ago. I’m not sure about the “True to the Faith” book, but the Gospel Principles book refers to D&C 119. See Chapter 32.

    D&C 119 was even mentioned by my Gospel Principles teacher. I see no one being “tight-lipped” about things. Everything is an open book and open to discussion where I am at.

    I also believe this was a lesson taught in Elder’s Quorum earlier this Summer and there was no secrecy about tithing or D&C 119.

    I’m not sure what you mean that D&C 64:23 is dealing with charitable donations, as when I read it I see it pertaining to tithing.

  4. I am glad to hear that the Gospel Essentials class still mentions D&C 119! It’s been years since I’ve attended that class. Is it now called Gospel Principles? I’ll have to ask the missionaries. Also, I’m glad to hear that the Gospel Principles book still contains a reference to D&C 119. It’s been years since I’ve looked at that book, too.

    Concerning D&C 64: 23, the heading to D&C 119 says the following:

    “The law of tithing, as understood today, had not been given to the Church previous to this revelation. The term “tithing” in the prayer just quoted and in previous revelations (64: 23; 85: 3; 97: 11) had meant not just one-tenth, but all free-will offerings, or contributions, to the Church funds.”

    So, D&C 64: 23 actually means the following:

    “Behold, now it is called today until the coming of the Son of Man, and verily it is a day of sacrifice, and a day for the [free-will offerings, or contributions, to the Church funds] of my people; for he that [gives free-will offerings, or contributions, to the Church funds] shall not be burned at his coming.”

  5. Sorry, it is Gospel Essentials, I still call it by the wrong name – by what is on the book. 😀

    Thanks for pointing out that it is indeed talking about charitable donations as well, I overlooked that portion when reading (was concentrating on the tithing topic)…another reason why we’ll never been done reading!

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