The secrecy of patriarchal blessings

From the time I first joined the church until now, I have always been told not to share my patriarchal blessing with anyone, as it is a very personal, private and often intimate text. And yet, I’ve always wondered, what do other people’s patriarchal blessings say? Is mine typical or extraordinary? And this curiosity has always bugged me.

Obviously, there may be aspects of a patriarchal blessing that deal with the weaknesses of the person it is addressed to, which may not be wise to reveal to others. But other than those parts, I don’t see anything too embarrassing that it must be kept secret. When I look at my own patriarchal blessing, there are essentially five parts to it:

  • First, an enumeration of some of the blessings I have received.
  • Second, my tribal lineage is stated and the entitlements I have access to as a result of that lineage.
  • Third, there are admonitions of what I should do or what I should not do. These might be interpreted as fortifying me against my weaknesses. In other words, this section might appear to others as a list of my weaknesses.
  • Fourth, a bunch of prophecies of what will happen in my life.
  • Fifth, it closes with a conditional promise about the resurrection.

Now, I understand the intimate nature of personal revelations. I’ve had a share of revelations, prophecies, etc., but have shared only a few of them. I totally understand the need to keep certain revelations to oneself, while others can be shared. Sometimes, it is wise to only share a portion of a revelation, other times the whole thing. It all depends on the circumstance and the audience I am addressing. Patriarchal blessings certainly fall into the category of personal revelations.

But many people also consider their blessings to be personal scripture, equal in authority to the canonized scriptures, but only binding (for some, others do not consider them binding) upon the particular person it was meant for. How many of us do not long to read additional scripture? I know I do. Especially if they contain prophecies, like mine does.

My feeling, then, is that if there were an anonymous way to share one’s patriarchal blessing, that might be a benefit to the saints and to anyone, really. With the Internet this is now possible, but until now no one (that I know of) has taken it upon themselves to put up a web site dedicated to sharing, anonymously, one’s patriarchal blessing, and reading others’. So, I’ve decided to do it. If you think this is an interesting idea, I invite you to share yours. If you think I’m being sacrilegious, just ignore this blog entry or leave a comment telling me why this is such a bad idea.

Now here’s the link to a forum I’ve created that’ll allow you to post your blessing anonymously:

Just some guidelines: don’t reveal your name, the name of your patriarch or the name of your stake if you wish to retain anonymity. Also, there is no need to register or anything, but you can if you want to. If you register, you can edit your post. If you don’t register, you can’t edit your post. So, for those who don’t register, make sure you write the entire blessing in one sitting because you won’t be able to go back to it and finish it later. I, personally, will wait for a few postings before I post my own, so that people don’t know which is mine.

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  1. I strongly suggest against an anonymous posting forum for patriarchal blessings.

    I didn’t understand the real reason until after I had been in the church a while.

    One sister, to whom others had shared their pat. blessings, was rather disappointed, and even hurt, because she hadn’t been promised things or been given counsel or assignments like others had. She felt very short-changed, and was bitter over it. It may have affected her faith.

    Therefore, even making your patriarchal blessing registry anonymous won’t prevent such jealousies or hurt feelings. Please reconsider. Please take it down.

  2. I have read an ex’s and she has read mine. My mother and I have discussed ours briefly, but they are both members and understand what a Patriarchal Blessing is. While I won’t tell you what to do, I will say that I believe it is one thing that should be sacred to us and not openly shared for anyone to see. To me it is casting pearls before swine to share it so openly.

  3. Thank you for both of your comments. They work perfectly as a disclaimer to all who read this post and are tempted to enter the pb forum.

  4. I am waiting for the question you have for me.

  5. Posted.

  6. you can see my patriarchal blessing on my blog–and if you have any questions, just ask….

  7. I would think that most patriarchal blessings are probably 80% alike. Maybe more, but those who fulfill them are maybe 79% less, if less.

    I would venture to say that God wants the same for all of us, to live righteously and progress till the end.

    I do however think by the power of the Holy Ghost you can discern special messages in it as you need to.

    My mom has read my my brothers and sister, her sisters and husbands, etc and says mine is really special and I think hers is, etc.

    I imagine that the purpose of the blessing is wide spread and only “few there be that find it” Matthew chapter 7, will find it..


  8. After seeing other people’s blessings and keepign mine in my heart, i really believe they are a divine inspiration. Some things the pat said to me were not transcribed on paper and when I asked him why he said those were for me only. So even posting your pb on the Internet still won’t share all the intimate stuff that were meant for you only.

  9. Sounds crazy. Be good to my open horn I have a nice fresh joke for you people) What’s the saddest part of the day? Mourning.

  10. I know sharing personal things is not always such a great idea for lots of reasons. Yet, we have Joseph Smith’s PB readily available for all to read as well as other prophets and church leaders. So why not ours?

    One thing I feel can be a problem is the human weakness to boast and be prideful. I know at times when I’ve shared mine, I had to evaluate my true motive and unfortunately not always was it the most pure. I am even tempted to post mine online in your forum to “show the world” but then therin lies the problem… “show” its not a show but a sacred document.

    At other times I have shared mine looking for support and answers… the sames as with revelations, visions, spiritual experiencs, and testimony. Sometimes the intent was not as pure as it should have been with a little too much desire to “show” yet other times it was directed by a spirit of righteousness in the effert of teaching and learning.

    I am trying to “throttle back” and share less and less… but, I tend to be a demonstrative person.. I share a lot… it helps me make sense of my world by verbalizing to others and listening to their responses.

    Just my .02

  11. Let me make a sugestion: There IS certain information that can be found in some Blessings that state general conditions or things to come that are not personal in nature yet very informitive of the times we live in and what to look foward to.

    I can’t imagine anyone expressing personal info, yet this general circumstancial information I’ve seen posted elsewhere seemed very appropriate to share. It’s a Testimony builder to me.

    Things such as….You shall live to see this Nation destroyed by the Judgements of God.

    This is a general observation and heads up God has given someone obvioulsy needing this sort of warning or info.

    It is very interesting and useful to hear these general observations that I see posted sometimes that I don’t have in my own Blessing and I appreciate being able to see it in others.

    This is the only type of Blessing info that seems ok to share to me. And some of these are very specific to time and place. It’s an eye opener…And this type of info is not dependant on a persons worthiness to recieve it. It is mearly stated as a fact for this person to know.

    So why not us as well ? That person may have needed that for some reason, but it is something I would LIKE to know.

  12. You could also anonymously describe promises made to you by God that describe works to be performed in connection with the building of the Kingdom. Wouldn’t that be inspirational to those who read it ?

    I am assuming the unworthy or uninterested have no desire to hear of these things anyway and therefore pearls are not likely to be cast before swine on a site like this.

    I’ve not seen any negative comments on this site regarding the works of God.

    We are all trying our best to determine exactly what that means and I could imagine Blessing info when shared properly, would serve to increase knowledge and strengthen Testimonies.

    But none of this stuff like what is often heard in a Fast & Testimony meeting insinuating God’s favor of ourselves for the magnanimus comments God makes in our Blessings.

    This is what I think is inapropriate….Self serving Bragging of ones favor with God. But all else should be a Light to all who have an ear to hear.

    Those who do Brag, probably have something else in there that warns against such things that they fail to mention in their testimony they are sharing. You know what I mean ?

    But I would Love to hear of God’s Love and Blessings for others. Afterall…You are my Brothers & Sisters…And we are Family. But I do not consider all members my Brother or Sister. That’s why I would not share such things in a Testimony meeting. But I do consider those on this site as such, from the comments that are made here.

    I agree with you Anarchy…I’m very curious and wanting to know…

    I have seen some anonymous comments that have really inspired me to a greater understanding and appreciation of God.

  13. Anarchy, I went to your sub-board to check it out and I see there aren’t many takers. Maybe the reason is because you have to log in under a user name. That sort of removes the “Anonimity” factor if you desire to post a comment.

    The Anonomity thing is important in assuring people haven’t logged on for the purpose of Bragging and bringing an unrighteous spirit to the comments made.

    I sure would like to see your idea go foward.

    I found a site one time in which a member for some reason, was of such spiritual descernment, that many friends had brought their Blessings to him in private to seek his assistance in descerning certain things in their Blessings they had trouble understanding.

    Now he never repeated any of the personal assistance they went to him for but he was actually given permission by those who sought him, to Anonimosly publish the General info like I described above.

    I wish I could find my way back to that site because it was very enlightning and confirmed the nearness of the Second Coming in our lives and the Work that preceeds it.

    And never once devulged anything sounding inapropriate.

    Knowing that God’s Church is in need of a thourough cleansing from the Top Down before He can commence His Great & Marvilous Work, highlights this over emphasis on sharing NOTHING in our Blessings, may very well be the design of Satan among the wicked to discourage the sharing of helpful information to increase our understanding of what God is and will expect from us in the future.

    A good example of this is expressed in the idea that Temple Knowledge should not be shared outside the Temple walls.

    When you Truly come to understand what God means by those statements of “Not Revealing these things” you come to realize that our leaders have distorted it’s True Meaning and is Satan’s way of actually preventing us from entering the presence of God right now if we only knew what God really means by the Endowment.

    By interpreting “Not revealing these signs & tokens” in a literal way, the True meaning is covered up and members will endlessly continue to perform these Endowments on behalf of others and remain Spiritually Dead themselves.

    Only those who have figured out the True meaning of the Teaching Message of the Endowment, have made it to the presence of the Saviour and realized it has been INTENTIONALLY concealed by Man for an evil purpose of preventing you from finding God through the Endowment.

    Once you Truly come to understand the meaning of the Second Token of the Melchezidek Priesthood, then you will know what I mean.

    You where NEVER meant to conceal this knowledge between others who have been Endowed. What is really meant is that You were NEVER meant to reveal the PERSONAL BEHAVIOUR described in the signs & tokens preceeding coming to a sure knowledge of the Second Token of the Melchezidek Priesthood through PERSONAL SIGNS of “Half Fellowship” with God.

    The way it stands now….Hardly ANY members are figuring this out because we have been instructed to remain silent from dicussing these things with even Endowed members outside the Temple.

    What God means is to not reveal IN YOUR BEHAVIOR to the World Outside…The Signs of Personal Half Fellowship with God ( A Lack of FULL COMMITMENT in your behaviour that is not insync with God ). And as long as you continue to see it the way it has been presented by our leaders as Taboo to discuss with other Endowed members outside the Temple….You remain Spiritually Dead to this Reality and continue doing the Work for the Dead, as is appropriate for those who don’t LEARN the True Meaning of the Endowment.

    Once you figure this out and fully commit to God by not revealing signs of Half fellowship with God in your personal behaviour to the World, then you come to understand the meaning of the Higher Sign and enter into the Presence of the Saviour.

    He NEVER intended for any of this to be a secret. He WANTS us to enter His Presence.

    Only Evil Men that God must purge from His Church, would have you to believe otherwise and is the reason so few have actually done as the Endoewment Teaches us.

    The Patriarchal Blessing Taboo follows the same distortions of sharing Truth. It must be done appropriately but it MUST BE DONE in order to benefit from it’s instruction to us.

    How in the world would God place ALL Pertinent information concerning His Plans & Purposes into every single one of our Blessings ? They are MEANT to be shared in the appropriate way.

    Everything He has taught us that we need to become is based on the Principle of Sharing.

    And the WAY that is done is through SHARING what you come to know.

    Those who refuse to give up poor behaviour will never come to realize the Blessings of the Endowment even if they hear what I am saying. You have to ” WALK THE WALK” to find your way to God’s Presence in your life…The Second Comforter.

    I hope more of us begin to REALIZE these Blessings.

  14. As a further note regarding the persuite of Gospel knowledge such as trying to descern timelines and senerios are concerned….NO KNOWLEDGE is more important that gaining a TRUE UNDERSTANDING of the Endowment and THEN being able to ask Christ IN PERSON concerning these Mysteries….He’s got the REAL ANSWERS to these questions guys…You don’t need to continue guessing at this stuff.

    Your Total Behaviour Commitment to God is what will buy you access to His Pesence in your life and no longer have to be in doubt about things you are unsure of.

    Commit your BEHAVIOUR to His Perfect Example and come to REALIZE the Blessing that awaits you for doing that.

    You are seeking His Presence in Doctrines of the Gospel rather than REALIZING it is the KINGDOM that needs to be AWAKENED WITHIN YOU, rather than realizing the REAL THING you seek is in your Heart and not fully found in “documents” of knowledge concerning the “PREPERATORY GOSPEL” you have been grappling with.

    I’m sort of new to this site, but can see the Proper Spirit of Love among those who make comments here. Your attention needs to become focused on the REAL DEAL…Understanding that Endowment you recieved. THEN the Saviour will PERSONALLY help you set your course to Zion and the things to shortly come and the guess work will be over for you.

    Some of God’s children have already come to this level of knowledge and are mearly awaiting the time for God to begin His Great Work on a Particular Day that He is MORE than willing to tell you about if you COME TO HIM….ALL THE WAY…

  15. Zack/Rob: Originally, the forum was open to all, no need to register, but pornographers kept posting. That was okay, as I just kept deleting them, but as it became obvious that no one had interest in such a forum, I didn’t feel like making work for myself and constantly checking and removing the spam for no reason, whatsoever. So, I made registration required instead of it being optional (as it was originally). That stopped the spam, but it might have turned some people off. However, based upon the response prior to the required registration, no one was interested anyway, so the net effect was probably nil.

    At any rate, anyone can get a free email account, using an anonymous designation and use that account to register, so, it’s not like it’s impossible to get the information up. And even if that were impossible to do, anyone can put a comment on this blog anyonymously, so, if someone wanted to put their pb as a comment here, or parts of their pb (as you suggested), with instructions to me to post it on the forum for them, that woud also be an option. And I wouldn’t mind doing that.

    So, I have to think that it simply is a fact that there is no interest in sharing pbs with others.

    My own understanding of sharing anything received from the Lord is that I am free to share everything He has told me, unless He has specifically told me not to. Of course, it is not always wise to share information with certain audiences or at certain times, so wisdom should direct everything, but there is no sin in sharing revelation that has been given without any condition of silence. In fact, the Lord has stated on more than one occasion, I believe, that “what I say unto one, I say unto all”, so if patriarchal blessings are considered to be scripture, we may be able, like other scriptures, to “liken” someone else’s blessing to ourselves, following the example of Nephi, “that it might be for our profit and learning.”

  16. The Patriarchal Blessings forums no longer require registration. Also, I have disabled comments on these forums, so all you can do is post your own pb or read someone else’s. (It may be that people are not posting their pb because they do not want to have people criticize it, so comments are disabled.) However, the General PB Talk forum allows people to create threads and write comments. I’m going to test the waters with this again and see if allowing unregistered thread creation will encourage people to post their pb anonymously, or if once again the board will get a flood of spam.

  17. I share my blessings all the time. If you show me yours I will show you mine! My blessing is your blessing. If I don’t make it, you better make it. That’s the way I see it. What is an Angel of mercy, or a blessing to a great many people? A leader at a young age in the affairs of the church? I don’t even have a calling. Power to make others quake and tremble like Nephi. The devil will do his utmost yo kill me, no pretentions about it. Multitudes honoring me in humility, but why? I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet. The house of Israel happy about me. The spirit and power of Elijah and very many missions like Popeye! And the very authority, not of Christ, not of the priesthood, not of the church, but our Very Father in Heaven. Serve in many temple and thread in holy places. A responsibly to guide many going to and fro and light their way. Power to give them the spirit their whole life and even their eternity. Heal many infirm people mentally and physically and teach them how to have joy. That when I return to father that my ancestors, my family and my loved ones will receive me. But very many will oppose principles of righteousness to which I am married or soused with. I will have lots of opposition at home and abroad. I will be sold like Joseph and serve like him. The lord is expecting me to do all this as if he is waiting or pushing. I am about ~40% of Mezoamerican and South American indigenous. some 40% European with Jewish, North African, West African in the mix. But in my Patriarchal Blessing it says I am Ephrata like you of from the house of Joseph. The Lord told me I am a Mulekite, and of course a Lamanite as bold as Samuel and as willing to die as the son of Abonadon. I understand los gringos but they don’t understand me. I write much, but I speak very little. I am a GED graduate and have had some college and that’s it. But I was commanded to write, more like a scribe than a writer. I am given by God on the spot what to say. No format, no planning. No purse no staff! I am a terrible orator. I am not charismatic, on the contrary. People hate me because of my harsh language. There is no comeliness in me. If you saw me, you wild say: can something good come out of Honduras? I am but an ox, a beast of burden with a Lion heart and a dragon mouth.

    I thank you for al you write.. You produce goodly bread and very satisfying meals. You strengthen the feeble knees and are a refreshment to the weary soul. As these words to you patriarchal blessing.

    Affectionately your humble servant!

    Ix-Miquili-Pan-TL but you can call me Jaguar Paw! Or the Arm of the Lord!

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