Scriptural Discussion #3: Sexual Sin—Among Members/Among Investigators


The Lord said, “Behold, verily I say unto you, that whatever persons among you, having put away their companions for the cause of fornication, or in other words, if they shall testify before you in all lowliness of heart that this is the case, ye shall not cast them out from among you; but if ye shall find that any persons have left their companions for the sake of adultery, and they themselves are the offenders, and their companions are living, they shall be cast out from among you.” (D&C 42: 74-75)


The Lord said, “And again, I say unto you, that ye shall be watchful and careful, with all inquiry, that ye receive none such among you if they are married; and if they are not married, they shall repent of all their sins or ye shall not receive them.” (D&C 42: 76-77)



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  1. The Lord created the constitution which in it give us the right of common law marriages many couples who have lived together for a few years are legally married under common law and are not living In sin.

  2. A point I would want to make is that even if there weren’t a legal “common law” status for co-habitating couples — they still wouldn’t be “living in sin”. Marriage [as ordained by God] predates political states, and therefore “sin” in marriage cannot depend upon a legal marriage status.

    I could care less about “legal standing” for a marriage because God’s people should be independent of other kingdoms, nations, and sources of control — and be only patterning their communities after the laws and ordinances of His kingdom.

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